15 Oct 2019

How Does Waiting in Line Affect Your Brain?

Waiting in line is a drag. There – we said it. We’re familiar with queueing up in almost all facets […]

15 Oct 2019

The Most “Shocking” Facts Behind Static Electricity

*ZAAAAP* Did you feel that? A bolt of electricity flows through you, almost as if it’s waking you up in […]

15 Oct 2019

How Can You Avoid Sacrificing Convenience for Community Security?

The appeal of living in a gated community is universally apparent: community security. Community managers sell you on that simple […]

13 Nov 2019

Your Teen Threw a House Party While You Were Away. How Should You Respond?

You’re all set for your trip, passport, and luggage in tow. Your flight leaves in a few hours, and you […]

13 Nov 2019

Top 3 Mishaps That Can Occur Due to Your Community’s Guard

Living in a gated community comes with loads of benefits. You feel a heightened sense of security, as gated communities […]

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