The Dangers of Speeding Cars in a Gated Community

Gated communities boast numerous amenities that set them apart from other traditional neighborhoods. From leisure facilities to maximized privacy, a gated community can provide residents with the benefits they seek to live more comfortable lives.

An overarching benefit to living in a gated neighborhood is the promise of reliable security. This may includelittle to no solicitation within the neighborhood, safe public spaces, and secure boundaries monitored by professional guards. The owners and operators of the gated community can carryout these security measures, but they cannot guarantee all individuals within the community will follow expected norms. More specifically, they cannot control those residents and guests that drive recklessly.

According to the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, Florida saw over 400,000 traffic accidents during 2018. A staggering 255,353 injuries were caused by these crashes, and 3,135 lives were lost. Almost all car crashes are caused by human error. With slower, more cautious driving, lives can be saved, injuries and property damage can be avoided, and crashes can be prevented entirely.

Oftentimes, posted speed limits are not enough to ensure drivers obey speed laws and do not drive recklessly, inattentively, or too fast. Solutions like the Guardian Speed Camera System by Traffic Logix help gated communities pinpoint where and when speeding is occurring. It helps speedy drivers stop in their tracks.

Traffic Logix is the global leader in traffic calming solutions, with a focus on radar speed signs, speed camera systems, and rubber speed humps to reinforce safe driving behavior throughout a neighborhood. Residents of a gated community already pay a premium to live in a neighborhood that is safe on all fronts. With Traffic Logix technology, residents and guests can be assured that that safety is maintained. With their research-driven solutions with a track record of success on thousands of streets, gated communities can ensure driver and pedestrian safety. Additionally, access control technology companies, like ZUUL Systems, help to further optimize security and driver vigilance, in conjunction with Traffic Logix.

Using ZUUL Systems, hosts and community managers can view Traffic Logix data like never before. ZUUL Systems filters data through its database to seamlessly match speeding violations with recent drivers’ license plates. The technology can detect which driver caused the violation, whom that driver was visiting, and the time the violation occurred. This integration can save HOAs thousands of dollar seach month, as this data remains costly to manually collect otherwise​​​​​​​. ZUUL Systems’ partnership with Traffic Logix aims to keep every gated community’s promise to its residents: gated neighborhoods should remain safe and secure at all times.

The ZUUL Systems app interface is user-friendly and only takes a few minutes to setup. Whether you’re a technological wizard or a digital novice, you’ll be able to use ZUUL. ZUUL provides residents and guests of a gated community with everything they need to access the neighborhood, interact, and coordinate events without concern for inconvenience, frustration, or safety ever again.Join the community. To learn more, visit ZUUL Systems.

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