zuul is creating secure communities

ZUUL is an application that blends security and convenience into a one-stop solution to accessing gated communities.

central administration system

When we designed ZUUL, we knew it was important to create a convenient and efficient way for residents and guests to access gated communities. We also knew how important it was to use a back-end system that was highly secure.

Community administrators are able to easily track, monitor, and log community activity using ZUUL. ZUUL users will find a complete overview of all the unique entries within a gated community. This allows for thorough tracking and logging of:

  • Resident and guest activities
  • Passes (Active, Archived, and Sent)
  • ID verifications and records
  • Detailed resident profiles

With ZUUL, you’ll have the ability to manage a detailed log of all entry activity occurring within your community. All of the information you need to safeguard your gated community is available through a secure back-end system.

detailed profiles of users

ZUUL offers a detailed and secure database system that enables communities to keep track of user information. ZUUL will house information regarding residents, guests, and everyone else who is granted access to the community. The app even has the ability to track and maintain independent records for all users.

zuul has a fully

automated interface

You don’t need extensive technological knowledge to use ZUUL. Due to ZUUL’s fully automated interface, residents and guests can carry on with their daily activities knowing their environment is safe. ZUUL has the ability to monitor all security-related activity through its seamless operating system.

Residents create a secure pass and invite their guests

Guests get a pass which allows them through the gate security without hassle

ZUUL verifies all activity and makes sure everything goes smoothly

no more long lines

No one likes waiting in long lines. With ZUUL, that is no longer an issue for your guests. Whether your gated community has a guard or is unmanned, ZUUL simplifies the entry process for your guests by allowing them to securely scan a guest pass themselves or by having a guard scan it for them. This turnkey solution eliminates lengthy, standard security processes, and saves your guests time and energy.

so what are you waiting for?

download the app now and start zuul-ing!

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