Is Your Gated Community Holiday Ready?

The season filled with festivities brings a whole lot more than just presents and feasts – it brings much more traffic into gated communities. Holiday gatherings for friends. Family celebrations filled with delicious meals. It’s like a revolving door of holiday cheer. But you know what can put a real damper on the holiday spirit? Pulling up the guard gate and waiting in a line that resembles the horrid carpool lines many of us sit in every single day.

The increased seasonal traffic can create issues at the guard gate and leave security guards flustered only compounding the problem.  Zuul has the solution.

Zuul Systems keeps that line moving and also keeps the neighborhood safer. The whole process is streamlined. No antsy visitors and no frustrated guards. Residents simply provide their expected guests with a passcode which grants them access into the community. It can be set up as a one-time pass or a recurring one. It’s perfect for manned gates where guards can use the app on an iPad. Or for unmanned gates using a keypad system.

Zuul is the only system on the market created for the community as a whole. Residents can control access of their guests while the entire community can monitor activity.  Zuul offers a truly collaborative system while also maintaining the integrity of the entire community’s safety and privacy. Zuul is user friendly for residents, guests and guards for manned gates. The ease of the app makes it a breeze to control access into the neighborhood and get ahead of any potential issues experienced by traditional guard gates.

All of the hiccups that can disrupt a guard gate – like visitors tailgating to try and slide into the gate behind the person in front of them; guards having a hard time getting the resident to answer and grant access; and more – only get exacerbated with heightened holiday traffic. Don’t let your guard gate hamper holiday plans. Let Zuul keep things flowing like the food and wine at your holiday dinner.

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