The Mobile App Solution to Gate Guard Hiccups

Are the gate guards that maintain your neighborhood’s entry gate struggling? Often times, these guards have to keep track of multiple tasks, including receiving guests, communicating with residents, and updating the community database. Thanks to ZUUL Systems, the modern gatekeeping technology, guards finally have access to a mobile app solution that can streamline their day-to-day processes.

The official ZUUL system comes with an optional security guard application. It is available for download from the App Store or the Google Play Store. The ZUUL Guard app includes many built-in features designed with careful thought. The technology’s creators have brainstormed every scenario a gate guard may encounter, and they designed the supplementary ZUUL Guard application to aid guards working for a ZUUL community.

Don’t believe us? Check out these premier features seen through the ZUUL Guard app:

User-friendly interface: Each community guard is registered through ZUUL’s secure backend system, and the app will recognize a registered guard each time he or she logs in through his or her mobile device. No fuss required. No additional equipment is needed to use the ZUUL Guard app.

Built-in scanning system: The ZUUL Guard app has its own scanning feature that can scan a pass on a guest’s phone and automatically validate the information. To allow entry, the guard will place his or her mobile device over the QR code on a guest’s phone, click a single button to scan the guest’s pass, and provide the guest access upon a successful scan.

Seamless data input: If the guard receives a guest who was invited to the neighborhood without a verified pass, the guard can quickly add the guest’s information to the database via the ZUUL Guard app. The app will save that guest’s data for future use and easy identification.

Fully accessible database: A guard has full access to guest and pass history throughout the day. Guards can easily locate the information they need with only a few clicks. The ZUUL Guard app can showcase the:

  • History of passes scanned
  • Guest’s complete data and information
  • Resident’s complete data and information

Guards, ZUUL Systems has you covered. Meanwhile, neighborhood residents can use the ZUUL Systems app to manage their individual households. The ZUUL Systems app is available for download from the App Store or the Google Play Store. It allows residents of a gated community to generate entry passes and send them to pre-approved guests directly from the easy-to-use app. If a guest scans an active pass, hosts will be able to see which guest, at what time, has entered the community. A pass is deactivated as soon as it is scanned to ensure no duplicated unauthorized entry. ZUUL community residents will be able to track guest and household member activity thanks to real-time notifications and a completed pass archive.

Guards of a gated community are now totally equipped to manage an entry gate with the help of ZUUL Systems. If you’re the manager of a gated neighborhood, don’t wait to join the ZUUL community. Learn more about the modern gatekeeping technology by visiting ZUUL Systems.

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