What Can Go Wrong While You’re Waiting in Line During the Holidays?

The holiday season brings about some of the longest lines you’ll see all year. Crowded queues at holiday-themed attractions? Most likely. A line of shoppers that reaches the parking lot because of seasonal doorbuster sales? Typical. Lengthy queues of cars at an outdated gated community entrance? Inevitable.

As humans, we’re conditioned to think these holiday months are allowed to feel tedious. Whether we spend time shopping for gifts or transporting from one destination to another, we tend to accept this excessive time consumption as the “nature of the season.” This assumes all of this time spent waiting goes according to plan. A small slip up or misunderstanding could drastically affect your experience waiting in line on any given day during this season. Ultimately, this begs the question: what can go wrong while you’re waiting in line during the holidays?

Once those winter months roll around, seasonal attractions and activities become particularly popular among families. These include meet and greets with holiday characters, rides at holiday-themed amusement parks, or even ice skating at your local rink. With children in tow, anything can go wrong while you wait. Your youngest will exclaim, “Mom, I have to use the bathroom!” Your eldest will say, “This is taking too long… I already made plans that’ll start soon.” Finally, you’ll just want to ask, “Is this even worth it?” All this waiting will leave your family members disinterested in the activities you worked so hard to plan.

Almost every individual who participates in holiday shopping knows how crazy it can get. Forget about the way you were originally taught to shop. All rules are thrown out the window during the holiday season. Retail will be busting at the seams, as shoppers rush to buy last-minute gifts and make hefty returns once presents have been exchanged. Most shoppers forget to bring the correct materials to return items, like proper credit cards or receipts. These mishaps can surely prolong each shopper’s unique wait time.

Antiquated gated entrances simply aren’t equipped to handle the amount of visitors that come through during the holiday season. More specifically, gated neighborhoods see a huge influx of familiar guests and new guests this time of year. The new visitors will need to be paid more attention in order to be properly directed to their destination. Car malfunctions, confused guests, or other miscellaneous emergencies can complicate a seemingly simple entry into a gated community. Neighborhoods need to be equipped with the right tools to ensure their gates are organized, and most importantly safe, during the holidays.

You can’t solve every issue that comes about while you wait in line during the holidays, but you can take advantage of technology that streamlines day-to-day waiting. Thankfully, ZUUL Systems can alleviate most mishaps that can occur at the community gate. ZUUL is a modern way to deal with the age-old hassle of entering a gated community. It’s an app that enhances existing guest registry and entry systems within a secured neighborhood. ZUUL provides improved mobility, accessibility, and functionality to the residents and visitors of gated communities.

For more information on how to shorten the wait time at your community’s guard gate, visit ZUUL Systems.

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