How Seamless GPS Navigation Can Elevate Your Visitor’s Experience

Friendly hosts can’t wait for friends or family members to visit them. They prepare the house or apartment with all the fixings necessary to throw a memorable gathering, including tasty food, plenty of drinks, and comfortable seating. It’s almost time to start the party. For hosts that live in a gated community, they wait patiently by their phones for a call from the gate guard. A few calls have come through, but guests aren’t walking through the door. Wait, what’s the problem?

Guests are getting lost in the gated community.

Traditionally, gate guards were responsible for relaying directions on how to navigate a gated community to visitors. They would mark up a printed community map, describe the correct path without points of reference, or even avoid giving guests directions altogether. Most guests can follow simple directions; however, a visitor’s memory retention may not be strong enough to maintain fleeting directions.

By using a streamlined navigation system, like the GPS navigation integrated into the ZUUL Systems app, guests will be able to reach their desired destination quickly and easily. Gate guards will be relieved of having to direct visitors from a stationary guard house. Now, a community navigation system can move with the visitor. More specifically, ZUUL’s integrated GPS system provides the guest with step-by-step instructions on how to reach his or her host’s home.

With ZUUL System’s built-in GPS capabilities, visitors don’t have to rely on third-party navigation while driving. Everything a pre-approved guest needs to arrive at his or her final destination lives on the ZUUL System’s app. For example, a guest can access multiple features, including directions to a destination, on the guest pass a host issued. The pass will list the start time and end time of the pass, the sender’s contact information, the QR code to enter, the destination’s address, and GPS navigation based on that destination. In addition, guests can use the GPS navigation outside of the gated community. GPS capabilities are available from the trip start point until the trip end point. There is no need to exit the application in order to get to a host’s home.

With ZUUL Systems, hosts can eagerly receive guests without worrying about navigation confusion or miscommunication. A visitor’s arrival experience will truly be taken to the next level. ZUUL Systems is managed completely by the ZUUL Systems app. The ZUUL app interface is user-friendly and only takes a few minutes to setup. Whether you’re a technological wizard or a digital novice, you’ll be able to use ZUUL. ZUUL provides residents and guests of a gated community with everything they need to access the neighborhood, interact, and coordinate events without concern for inconvenience or frustration ever again.

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