Top 3 Mishaps That Can Occur Due to Your Community’s Guard

Living in a gated community comes with loads of benefits. You feel a heightened sense of security, as gated communities promise controlled property access, no solicitation, pedestrian safety… the list goes on and on. Most gated communities are equipped with a gate guard. Wearing that oh-so shiny security badge and a friendly smile, gate guards had originally been known as the ultimate gatekeeper and a true asset to the neighborhood’s security system.

Although they do provide many benefits to a gated community, guards are not invincible. As it turns out, guards at the community gate are humans just like us. That being said, they can make mistakes when it comes to receiving guests or communicating with members of the neighborhood. Human error can in fact cause a few mishaps. What are some of the most common mishaps that can occur at your community’s entrance gate?

Potential credential confusion
When a guest pulls up to a gated community’s guard house, they are expecting a swift entry into the neighborhood. First, the guard will take the guest’s identification and their reason for visiting. Then, the guard will try to contact or cross-reference the community’s resident list to match you up with your host. If there is miscommunication between the guard and the guest, the guard may contact the wrong resident, or even send you to another resident’s house that has a similar name to your host. Imagine showing up at some stranger’s house. Embarrassing, huh?

Lack of assistance when gate is understaffed
Since community guards are only human, they can only be stationed at one place at one time. If your community only employs one security guard at a time, this may leave some lulls at the guard gate when assistance is needed elsewhere. Your guests may not get the help they deserve in real-time.

Poor communication with community members
Sometimes, security guards can only be as effective as the technology they are equipped with at the gate. If the entry system is outdated or broken, the guard won’t be able to properly communicate with the community’s database or with the community members themselves. Antiquated technology leaves room for many more gatekeeping issues than expected.

Thankfully, modern technology is making its way to neighborhood security. How so? Innovative gatekeeping technology, like ZUUL Systems, prepares community guards with the tools they need to properly support an entire neighborhood. ZUUL is a modern way to deal with the age-old hassle of entering a gated community. It’s an app that enhances existing guest registry and entry systems within a secured neighborhood.

Community managers: don’t wait to experience cutting-edge community security today. Your residents, guests, and guards will thank you. To learn more, visit ZUUL Systems.

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