How Does ZUUL Systems Facilitate No-Contact Entry to a Gated Community?

As your fellow neighbor, we understand recent shifts in society have greatly impacted communities all over the world. We’ve laughed together. We’ve overcome challenges together. Most importantly, we’ve learned individuals can adapt when hard times call for innovation. You’ve been through a lot, and ZUUL Systems recognizes the changes you’ve made to safely navigate daily life.

You, yes you, have made great strides to help our community stay healthy and flourish. You, along with other compassionate individuals, have adopted preventative tactics, like social distancing and contact-free communication, to maintain a safe quality of life until society finds its way back to a stable form of normalcy. Although the future is unknown, we can continue on this path of prevention to ensure our neighborhood’s well-being is preserved.

Our team at ZUUL Systems is taking note of seamless, no-contact living and its important contribution to society. Officials have encouraged individuals to avoid contact with frequently touched surfaces while performing necessary tasks outside of a home, as the virus affecting our community can survive stably on a hard surface or object for up to 72 hours. Now, there is a way to carry out day-to-day tasks and even commute while reducing the risk of virus transmission through touching surfaces or objects.

More specifically, ZUUL Systems facilitates no-contact entry to a gated community through its safe neighborhood access system. This completely digital platform allows users entry and exit into a gated community without the need for physical contact with strange gate guards, unfamiliar security personnel, and frequently touched objects. How exactly does ZUUL Systems pull this off? It’s simple.

Approved guests and community residents will use this no-touch system to filter in and out of the community, avoiding the need to touch a potentially contaminated call box, keypad, or identification card. All users need to complete a safe, streamlined entry would be a personal mobile device. For guests to enter, residents of a gated community will send a private QR code to an approved visitor via the ZUUL Systems app. This QR code will allow the visitor to easily enter and pass the security perimeter. The code can be issued as a single, one-time pass or a recurring pass. As the guest approaches the neighborhood entry gate, they will extend their mobile device to a ZUUL Systems scanner, and voilà. The approved guest is in.

This type of zero-touch entry system is particularly helpful for essential workers, like home improvement service providers and delivery people. They are the individuals navigating neighborhoods to complete essential services that propel our society.Can you imagine all the frequently touched surfaces and objects they encounter each day? By keeping essential workers and community guests at a safe distance, we can sustain a healthier lifestyle for all.

Alas, there’s always light at the end of the tunnel; or rather, at the end of the guard gate. With ZUUL Systems, you are in control of the distance you keep at all times, ultimately leading our society to a safer tomorrow. Learn more about the benefits of this contact-free access system by visiting ZUUL Systems.

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