How Can You Avoid Sacrificing Convenience for Community Security?

The appeal of living in a gated community is universally apparent: community security. Community managers sell you on that simple fact before you even move in. Equipped with a community guard, security cameras, and active staff on the grounds, there’s no reason to believe the community wouldn’t be a perfect fit for your family – right?

What most community members don’t know before moving in is these communities operate using traditional security systems. This means they have a specific system in place that is modeled after the gatekeeping tactics implemented before technology’s recent boom. The guard houses are antiquated. Security tapes may be recorded on cassettes. Cellular callboxes are free-standing and often not working properly. Essentially, the gatekeeping tools community managers use are outdated, and frankly, inefficient.

This trivial security system enacts a domino effect that takes a toll on community members and their respective guests. Lines at the gate are longer than ever because someone forgot their entry key card at home. Guests are late to parties hosted inside the gated community due to a scheduling miscommunication. The guard at the community gate is having trouble verifying your identification because your host cannot be reached. When it comes to these types of gated communities, convenience seems to be constantly sacrificed in order to maintain a certain level of security.

Thankfully, modern technology has transformed the way society communicates and behaves. The only way to reap the benefits of this digital age is to embrace it with open arms. Yes – this applies to community security systems too. Now, community members and guests do not have to trade a healthy level of convenience for proper security. With the right tools, your community will have all the resources it needs to offer a streamlined security system everyone can enjoy.

That’s where ZUUL Systems comes in. ZUUL is a modern way to deal with the age-old hassle of entering a gated community. It’s an app that enhances existing guest registry and entry systems within a secured neighborhood. ZUUL System offers an interface that is user-friendly and only takes a few minutes to setup. Whether you’re a technological wizard or a digital novice, you’ll be able to use this innovative technology. Most importantly, ZUUL provides you with all the tools you need to access your community, interact with visitors, and plan events without concern for inconvenience or frustration.

Don’t wait to experience convenience AND cutting-edge community security today. To learn more, visit ZUUL Systems.

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