Inviting Guests to Your Home for the Holidays? Here’s How to Handle It.

The holidays are in full swing. This year’s holiday season will be like no other, as party hosts will have to accommodate guests amidst the global pandemic. We don’t want your community to miss out on the memorable moments shared during the holidays; that’s why ZUUL Systems champions safety, comfort, and convenience when residents of a gated neighborhood prepare to invite guests to their homes. ZUUL Systems, the innovative gatekeeping system, was designed to streamline all entry and exit activity throughout a gated community – even during the holidays.

Welcome guests to your home using no-contact entry. ZUUL Systems offers no-contact entry to a gated community through its safe neighborhood access system. This completely digital platform allows approved visitors entry and exit into a gated neighborhood without the need for physical contact with gate guards, unfamiliar security personnel, or frequently touched objects.

Streamline your guest’s entry experience with digital passes. Approved guests of a gated community will receive digital single-use or recurring passes that can be issued quickly to their mobile devices. In the past, guests would have to wait at the community gate for entry confirmation from hosts or pass distribution from gate guards. ZUUL Systems eliminates those time-consuming roadblocks. Residents of a gated community will send a private QR code, or digital pass, to an approved visitor’s mobile device via the ZUUL Systems app. As your guest approaches the neighborhood entry gate, they will extend their mobile device to a ZUUL Systems scanner, scan the QR code, and enter the community. No physical contact is required. With ZUUL Systems, guests will be equipped with everything they need to pass through the gate safely and start celebrating.

Track guest activity with the help of real-time notifications and a completed pass archive. If your guest scans an active pass, you will be able to see which guest, at what time, has entered the community using the ZUUL Systems app. The technology’s integrated system takes the guesswork out of a previously chaotic entry process. Holiday party hosts will be updated regarding the arrival of each guest at any time.

Holiday traffic is minimized with ZUUL System’s resident lane. A ZUUL Systems community can feature two lanes to keep guest and resident activity streamlined. Traffic will be filtered and simplified. With two separate lanes for guests and residents, guests can easily arrive at your holiday party without unnecessary traffic.

ZUUL Systems is managed completely by the ZUUL Systems app. The ZUUL Systems app is available to download through the App Store and the Google Play Store, and it only takes a few minutes to set up. All the tools your guests need to access your neighborhood during the holidays live within the ZUUL Systems app. Whether they prefer a contact-free entry or a streamlined user experience, your guests will be more than ready to celebrate the holidays with you thanks to ZUUL Systems.

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