Operate Your Community the ZUUL Systems Way

The ins and outs of a gated neighborhood are often complex; they deal with resident management, general security, and even guest traffic. Sometimes, you just have to surrender to the innovative technology designed to get the job done. Better yet, you should let go and let ZUUL. That’s right… operate your gated community the ZUUL Systems way.

ZUUL Systems, the fully integrated gatekeeping system, was created to elevate the lifestyles of those individuals managing, living, and visiting a gated neighborhood. It is a mobile application that combines neighborhood security and user convenience into an all-in-one solution for accessing gated communities. Don’t believe us? ZUUL Systems boasts many state-of-the-art features that benefit gated neighborhoods of all sizes.

ZUUL offers a central administration system.

Community administrators are able to easily track, monitor, and log community activity using the ZUUL Systems database. Within the database, ZUUL users will find a complete overview of all the gated community’s unique entries. This allows for thorough tracking and logging of resident and guest activities; active, sent, and archived passes; ID verifications and records; and detailed resident profiles. With ZUUL, users will have the ability to manage all of this data in order to maintain and predict operations within the community. The technology’s back-end system is completely secure. Only authorized ZUUL Systems users will be able to access and manage the carefully stored data within the database.

ZUUL helps curate detailed user profiles.

Do you ever wish all of your gated community’s administrators, residents, and guests were filed away in one system? ZUUL Systems offers a detailed and secure user catalogue that keeps the information of anyone who has engaged with the community’s system. ZUUL will house identification data regarding residents, guests, and everyone else who is granted access to the community. The application will track and maintain independent records for all users. ZUUL administrators will be able to pull up any one user’s information at any time.

ZUUL has a fully automated interface.

You don’t need extensive technological knowledge to use ZUUL Systems. Due to ZUUL’s fully automated interface, residents and guests can leave this technology running smoothly while they go off and carry out day-to-day activities. ZUUL has the ability to monitor all security-related activity through its seamless operating system; no tedious manual labor is required.

The ZUUL Systems implementation process is simple. Community residents and guests will download the ZUUL Systems app from the App Store or the Google Play Store. They will have access to all the tools they need to access a gated neighborhood, manage household activity, and plan future guest visits. Community managers and gate guards can download the ZUUL Guard app from the App Store or the Google Play Store. This application allows neighborhood personnel to use advanced features, including the ability to enable a tablet to be turned into a scanner for pass verification and the ability to enable the guard to communicate with residents. If a gate guard is not employed, ZUUL will provide participating gated communities with a stationary pass scanner.

ZUUL Systems is ready help streamline your gated community’s operations. Visit ZUUL Systems to learn why ZUUL is the solution your neighborhood needs.

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