Top Sources of Traffic in a Gated Community and How to Stop Them

Residents of a gated community value a peaceful way of life. A major disruptor of peaceful living is motor vehicle traffic. Although gated neighborhoods champion security and privacy, they can still harbor chaotic traffic during peak hours and when streamlined systems are absent. What are the top sources of traffic within a gated community? Well, it all starts at the community’s front gate.

The Community Gate
A community’s front gate typically sees high activity throughout any one day. Gate guards and community personnel manage all entry and exit activity. They have to keep track of specific organizational tasks, including receiving guests, communicating with residents, and updating the community database. If a guard takes long, has trouble, or is at all distracted while dealing with a resident or guest at the guard gate, traffic can pile up. If a guest is confused or unaware of how to interact with the gate access system, traffic can pile up. Similarly, a singular entry lane can contribute to traffic accumulation.

The Community Street Traffic
Traffic can also stem from vehicle accidents on residential streets within a gated community. Often times, posted speed limits are not enough to ensure drivers obey speed laws and do not drive recklessly, inattentively, or too fast. Some drivers that are maybe too comfortable with certain neighborhoods tend to ignore these speed laws and signage. Careless driving in any neighborhood can lead to traffic accidents – or worse, physical injury.

The Traffic Logix Technology
The global leader in traffic calming solutions, Traffic Logix, offers radar speed signs, speed camera systems, and rubber speed humps to reinforce safe driving throughout a particular community. Its research-driven infrastructure boasts a heavy track record of success on thousands of streets within countless gated communities. Traffic Logix technology is proven to reduce street traffic and, in turn, traffic accidents. What’s the best part? Traffic Logix can be used in conjunction with other streamlined applications to further optimize security and driver vigilance.

The True Solution
Hosts and community managers within a gated community using ZUUL Systems, the modern gatekeeping app, have the ability to view and leverage Traffic Logix’s cutting-edge data. ZUUL Systems filters data through its database to seamlessly match speeding violations with recent drivers’ license plates. The technology can detect which driver caused the violation, whom that driver was visiting, and the time the violation occurred.

ZUUL Systems can alleviate the traffic congestion that occurs at the community gate. Residents will enjoy a seamless process to grant guests access, and guests will enter the community swiftly. Whether your private community has a gate guard or is unmanned, ZUUL will simplify the entry process for your guests by allowing them to securely scan a guest pass themselves or by having a guard scan it for them. Meanwhile, you’ll enter the neighborhood through a secondary resident lane.

Stop unnecessary traffic before it’s too late. With ZUUL Systems, the neighborhood’s entry and exit activity is simplified, and traffic is significantly reduced. To learn more about how ZUUL can streamline your neighborhood’s activity, please visit ZUUL Systems.

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