The Home Technology Your Family Cannot Live Without

Are you having trouble keeping your family on the same page? When adults and kids of all ages are living under the same roof, it may be challenging to operate a streamlined household. One younger child may want to ride his bike safely around the neighborhood, one teen may want to invite a few guests over, and you may want to simply relax on the couch. Managing the wants and needs of your family can be overwhelming at times. Thankfully, advancements in technology can help your family safely and easily navigate life at home.

ZUUL Systems technology was founded on the idea that life should be streamlined. It is a modern gatekeeping system created for gated neighborhoods. The secure system is equipped with integrated technology, including a top-of-the-line scanner and a coordinating mobile application. Although ZUUL Systems is focused on increasing efficiency at a community’s entry gate, the technology brings about plenty of benefits family members can enjoy from the comfort of their couch. How exactly can ZUUL Systems improve your family’s quality of life?

Eliminates the chaos
Adam Lucks and his father, Phil Lucks, created this modern entry system for gated communities because they, along with countless other families, were frustrated with the constant chaos at the guard gate. It would often take at least 30 minutes for them to enter a family member’s gated community. This wait was due to guest confusion, slow guard communication, or even everyday delays. With ZUUL Systems, parents can rest assured that their children or family members will be able to enjoy the community grounds without hectic traffic becoming an issue. Additionally, you will not be continually contacted by your gate guard if a family member or guest wants to enter the community. The ZUUL Systems app allows you to send a unique QR code to your approved visitor. Using this QR code, your family member or guest can easily enter and pass the security perimeter. They will not need to interact with other cars or guards, as ZUUL Systems facilitates a completely no-contact entry.

Increases parental control
Parents can monitor the activity of each registered household member using ZUUL Systems. You can view the household member’s ZUUL-related activity with potential guests, including the guest passes they administer to invitees. This technology cuts out the middleman of your community security, a.k.a. the guard at your community’s entry gate, and gives you the power you deserve as the leader of your home. Parents can also enact parental controls on the ZUUL Systems mobile app. This allows you to restrict a household member’s authority or receive notifications when certain actions are taken by other household members. For example, you can retract passes that are issued by your household members.

Allows for quality time
An efficient and effective gatekeeping system can eliminate wasted time at the community gate or waste time speaking with security personnel. Gated communities should be using gatekeeping technology that is data-driven, offering a clear record of community activity and member information. That way, the technology is equipped to manage communities during peak activity hours of the day and the year. With ZUUL Systems, family members and visitors can reach their final destination quickly and easily. For example, they can access multiple features, including directions to a destination, on the guest pass a host issued. The pass will list the start time and end time of the pass, the sender’s contact information, the QR code to enter, the destination’s address, and GPS navigation based on that destination. Visitors don’t have to rely on third-party navigation while driving, as everything a pre-approved guest needs to arrive at his or her final destination lives on the ZUUL System’s app. The advanced technology saves precious time – time that should be enjoyed together as a family.

Your family should be reaping the rewards of ZUUL Systems as soon as possible. ZUUL Systems is easy to install for community managers and simple to download for residents and guests! For more information on how to streamline your neighborhood’s community security, visit ZUUL Systems.

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