How Can ZUUL Systems Aid Your Community’s Gate Guards?

The guards that man a gated neighborhood are responsible for the management and safety of general entrance access. They are the official gatekeepers of our communities, ensuring residents and approved guests stay in and intruders stay out. With all the hustle and bustle of the day, gate guards may have a hard time juggling all the tasks they are expected to execute. From receiving scheduled guests to communicating with residents, guards can easily be overwhelmed by day-to-day happenings. Thankfully, ZUUL Systems provides many features that can aid guards situated at the community’s gate. How exactly can ZUUL Systems help guards throughout the day? Let us explain.

ZUUL Systems is a modern way to deal with the age-old hassle of entering a gated community. The easy-to-use interface enhances existing guest registry and entry systems within a secured neighborhood. Using the simple ZUUL Systems app, residents send approved guests an entry QR code that can be conveniently scanned at the gate. In turn, gate guards will be able to use the ZUUL Guard app to manage neighborhood activity. Gate guards will not have to worry about micromanaging unannounced guests or traffic chaos, allowing guards to focus on the security initiatives that truly matter.

The ZUUL Guard app is to be used by guards for manned gates, and it works seamlessly with the standard ZUUL Systems app used by residents and guests. The ZUUL Guard app is available for download from the App Store or the Google Play Store. This application works without the need for any special equipment; all the guard would need is a smartphone. Each guard is registered through a secure backend system, ensuring the app recognizes your guard. Additionally, advanced system features will elevate the guard management experience. For example, the app can be used on an iPad as it is transformed into a scanner for pass verification; the app can allow guards to effortlessly communicate with residents via phone call; and the app provides guards with full access to guest and pass history throughout the day.

While guards are securing the neighborhood at the front gate, residents can use the ZUUL Systems app to manage their individual households. The ZUUL Systems app is available for download from the App Store or the Google Play Store. It allows residents of a gated community to generate entry passes and send them to pre-approved guests directly from the easy-to-use app. If a guest scans an active pass, hosts will be able to see which guest, at what time, has entered the community. Each single-use pass deactivates after one use. A pass is deactivated as soon as it is scanned to ensure no duplicated unauthorized entry. Residents will be able to track guest and household member activity thanks to real-time notifications and a completed pass archive.

With the help of ZUUL Systems, the guards of a gated community will be more than prepared to manage and defend the neighborhood. If you’re the manager of a gated neighborhood, what are you waiting for? Join the community. To learn more, visit ZUUL Systems.

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