It’s Time To Give Residents More Control Over Security

Many people move into neighborhoods with guard gates for that extra layer of security. What they don’t count on, however, are the endless bottlenecks and hiccups that accompany most guard gates. You know why? Because if you have a security guard managing a gate, every single thing falls on them.

They have to get through every car and be at the mercy of homeowners answering their phones in a timely manner, grant guests access and handle unwanted guests. You can imagine how a line can get long pretty fast, especially if it’s a higher traffic day. There are so many external factors that can add to the unnecessary chaos at a guard gate entrance. The answer is to put guest access in the control of the residents. Make it a direct transaction to increase the speed and seamlessness of entry.

Zuul can help. Whether you need a new security system in place, or a way to help an existing guard gate operate more effectively, Zuul gives residents the peace of mind they want. Instead of a traditional guard gate set up, Zuul offers a user-friendly, innovative solution giving the power back to the residents all through their app.

Zuul offers a simple process where residents provide guests a passcode that will grant them access into the community. That’s it! It can be a one-and-done pass or a recurring one for an approved guest who visits regularly by amazing visitor management.

Once Zuul is in place at your community, it can be accessed through the app, or a guard can use an iPad. Regardless of the security set up, Zuul can be integrated to enhance the current entry process and make sure the community is fully in control of who is allowed in the neighborhood. No unwanted guests slip through, and the usual bottlenecks are cleared.

Instead of putting everything on the security guard on duty, make the residents the true gatekeepers of their neighborhoods. It will make the process smooth all around.

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