Streamline All Activity Within a Gated Community

If you’ve chosen to live in a gated community, we know you must value privacy and a peaceful way of life. Unfortunately, neighborhoods (even gated neighborhoods) can be chaotic when proper security and technology are absent. ZUUL Systems, the secure gatekeeping technology, provides residents, community personnel, and invited visitors with a safe, streamlined solution to neighborhood disarray.

ZUUL Systems streamlines physical activity.
ZUUL Systems was designed to simplify physical activity at your neighborhood gate and reduce traffic throughout your gated community. The secure technology focuses on improving all entry and exit experiences at the neighborhood’s guard gate.

ZUUL Systems is equipped to manage communities during peak activity hours of the day and the year. This gatekeeping system is data-driven, and it offers a clear record of community activity and member information. If a gated neighborhood employs gate guards, ZUUL will provide the appropriate technology to streamline a no-contact entry process. Gate guards can download the ZUUL Guard app from the App Store or the Google Play Store. This application allows neighborhood personnel to use advanced features, including the ability to enable a tablet to be turned into a scanner for pass verification and the ability to enable the guard to communicate with residents via a phone call or a text message. If a gate guard is not employed, ZUUL will provide participating gated communities with a stationary pass scanner.

With two separate lanes for guests and residents, ZUUL Systems facilitates a no-contact entry and eliminates unnecessary delays. Once visitors or residents enter the gated community, they can rest assured general traffic will be minimal. How exactly does ZUUL influence traffic patterns? ZUUL is partnered with Traffic Logix, the global leader in traffic calming solutions. This partnership can help track traffic violations within a gated neighborhood. Community managers and guards can keep a close eye on community activity and potential disruptions that may occur using ZUUL’s integrated technology.

ZUUL Systems streamlines virtual activity.
ZUUL Systems provides the digital tools you need to permit guests to visit your home and to manage your household. Using the ZUUL Systems app, available for download from the App Store or the Google Play Store, residents of a gated community can generate entry passes to pre-approved guests and send them directly from the easy-to-use app. Residents will be able to track guest activity with the help of real-time notifications and a completed pass archive. If your guest scans an active pass, you will be able to see which guest, at what time, has entered the community. Each single-use pass deactivates after one use. A pass is deactivated as soon as it is scanned to ensure no duplicated unauthorized entry.

Parents can monitor the activity of each registered household member using the ZUUL Systems app. You can view the household member’s ZUUL-related activity with potential guests, including the guest passes they administer to invitees. Additionally, parents can enact parental controls for specific household members. This allows you to restrict a household member’s authority or receive notifications when certain actions are taken by other household members.

What are you waiting for?
The wait is over. Let our modern access system simplify your life and bring peace to your gated community. Gone are the days of long queues at your community’s gate, guard confusion, and unwanted visitors. Thankfully, ZUUL Systems is easy to install for community members and residents alike. To learn more about how ZUUL can streamline your neighborhood’s activity, please visit ZUUL Systems.

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