New Year, New Security Technology: The Importance of a Streamlined Community System

It’s 2020. Finally. As the new year begins, we like to reflect on the aspects of neighborhood management that can take a community to the next level. All year long, we’ve studied communities to discover what residents and managers need to maintain a strong neighborhood dynamic. That need is a streamlined gatekeeping system built with the latest technology. Although not every community member is the same, they do seek to experience similar benefits brought on by top-of-the-line gatekeeping technology during this new year.

Peace of mind
Today, the use of modern technology is accompanied by the notion that someone, somewhere will be have an all-access pass to your data. From standard email hosting to social media, digitally based platforms are known to enact sneaky loopholes that allow your data to be shared without limitations. Knowing this, community members are searching for a way to house security information and contact information without the fear of foreign eyes lurking. They need a secure system that promises to store data safely.

Easy communication
There are so many avenues that allow for open communication with all kinds of individuals; however, an overflow of communication options can often overwhelm and overstimulate users who only want to send a simple message. Neighbors want the easiest possible way to communicate with their approved guests. No fluff. No distractions. They only want streamlined communication to ensure guests arrive promptly and safely.

Efficient activity
Individuals want more time. More time to spend with loved ones. More time to engage in fun activities. They just want more. In a gated community, the only way to foster more time would be to make sure the neighborhood’s operating systems are functioning efficiently and effectively. Community members should be using gatekeeping technology that is data-driven, offering a clear record of community activity and member information. Additionally, members need technology that is equipped to manage communities during peak activity hours of the day and the year. This can include carefully attending to guest approvals during the holidays, using mobile technology to avoid gate guard confusion, or even ensuring the community offers a resident lane.

This year, community members deserve a secure system that provides peace of mind, fosters easy communication, and maintains efficient activity throughout the neighborhood. At ZUUL Systems, we are proud to offer technology that does just that.

ZUUL Systems provides everything you need to permit guests to visit your home. Guests receive the passcode they need automatically, and they are able to access your community with a simple scan. With ZUUL, residents can manage and monitor guests in real-time on a secure database. Residents will receive notifications when someone requests a pass, when anyone in your household distributes a pass, or when there is an important community announcement. Additionally, guests can find their final destination easily with ZUUL’s GPS integration.

ZUUL Systems is easy to install for community members and residents alike! For more information on how to streamline your neighborhood’s community security this year, visit ZUUL Systems.

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