A ZUUL administrator will simply retract the resident’s rights to use through the backend system, which simultaneously voids all remaining unused guest passes.

Yes! All of our scanners rely on cloud computing services to operate. Therefore, ZUUL communities need to be connected to the internet.

Safety is our top priority, but we know there are exceptional circumstances that might warrant immediate entry without a passcode. For communities with unmanned gates, ZUUL comes with a siren-activated switch that provides access to emergency vehicles at no additional cost.

Not at all – ZUUL can operate anywhere guest management is needed. ZUUL can work in dormitories, commercial parks, condos, or even high-end merchants.

Our scanners are made to withstand temperatures ranging from -40°F to +185°F.

You can either type in a new contact through the ZUUL app or import them directly from your mobile phone.

We’re suited for all! ZUUL has the ability to work effectively in communities with guards using our patent-pending guard app. It also works for communities without guards. ZUUL allows guests to drive up to the weather-proof outdoor scanner and simply scan their pass to enter.

ZUUL is compatible with Apple iOS 10 or newer and Android.

ZUUL is a uniquely designed mobile application optimized for shared entrance and visitation. With ZUUL you can:
  • Upload your ID.
  • Have one place to store your passes from every community.
  • Save a future pass to calendars.
  • Request a pass from a resident.
  • Manage your household's passes with the ability to retract.
ZUUL provides access to individual entrances and allows for easy control by community managers. For example, access to shared property facilities, such as a gym or swimming pool, can be enabled or disabled by community managers as needed.

ZUUL is optimized for on-the-go use through the mobile application in order to accommodate the activity of gated community residents, guests, and managers. In addition, desktop access to the ZUUL application is available for users.