Don’t Let Your Guard Gate Dampen the Holiday Spirit

Tis the season! The season for infusing some holiday spirit in the house. The season for the scent of fresh baked cookies swirling through the air. The season for sipping on a sweet frothy drink while picking out early holiday gifts. All the fall things. And you know what can really put a damper on the fall vibe you’ve got going on? Long lines at your guard gate as guests file in for special gatherings. Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching, and nobody wants their guests waiting while the Turkey roasts and the gravy simmers.

It’s no surprise that the holiday season brings more traffic into your neighborhood. But that does not mean the process can’t be streamlined at your guard gate to remedy unnecessary wait times. With the Zuul App, communities can monitor and control activity at the guard gate at the touch of a screen. Zuul replaces archaic guard gate processes with a more efficient, functional and user-friendly technology. Residents benefit by having the ability to grant guests entrance directly through the Zuul App and visitors benefit by being able to enter the neighborhood without the hassle of long wait times.

Zuul can be used at unmanned guard gates as well as ones staffed by security personnel. Residents can rest assured that nobody can enter the community without permission granted through Zuul. Residents simply send a passcode to their approved visitors, and it can be used once or set up as a recurring pass. Eliminate guard gate-related frustrations, especially with increased activity that accompanies this time of year.

As holiday season kicks into high gear, you and your community deserve the gift of no lines and no waiting at the guard gate. The only waiting you should be doing is for that delicious turkey to come out of the oven.

Stay safe this holiday season (and beyond) with the Zuul App.


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