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Have you ever heard a version of the saying, “distance makes the heart grow fonder?” In today’s age, that phrase is becoming a reality as physical distancing gains popularity throughout our society. With flu season and the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) picking up speed globally, we’ve all been made aware of a few past habits that may have negatively affected our physical well-being. Whether we were shopping at the grocery store or hanging out with friends, we were never concerned with the importance of proper hygiene, spatial awareness, and where viral fluids actually hide during day-to-day activities.

This year, the term “social distancing” has made its way into our daily dialogue. So, what exactly is social distancing? According to PBS, social distancing practices are encouraged and implemented by public health professionals “to keep contagious diseases from spreading.” COVID-19 can be spread through droplets that come out of your mouth and nose, reaching individuals situated less than 6 feet apart and nearby surfaces. The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services recently announced findings suggesting, “people may acquire the virus through the air and after touching contaminated objects.” The virus can be stable on a surface from several hours to multiple days. Knowing this information, we as a society are starting to rethink our behavior, including the people and surfaces we should distance ourselves from.

How will this new “distancing” behavior affect the current state and future of our society? For one, individuals are going to be a lot more cognizant of the space and resources needed to achieve day-to-day tasks. Physical contact with strangers may become less common, as technology can help facilitate digital communication and streamline the activities we need to perform throughout the day. Individuals will be able to see and appreciate technology’s assets and the potential modern systems can contribute to society. Finally, individuals will be much more aware of the surfaces they decide to physically touch. You never know which physical surface around you is actually sustaining the virus. Some consider this form of transmission the most alarming.

One example of a modern system that can shape the way our society behaves is ZUUL Systems. ZUUL provides residents and guests of a gated community with everything they need to access the neighborhood at a safe and healthy distance. This completely digital platform allows users entry and exit into a gated community without the need for physical contact with strange gate guards, security personnel, and unfamiliar objects. Community residents and approved guests will use this contact-free system to filter in and out of the community, avoiding the need to touch a potentially contaminated call box, keypad, or identification card. The only object you need to complete a safe, streamlined entry would be your personal mobile device. To enter the gated community as a guest, just scan the QR code that automatically appears on your guest pass within the ZUUL Systems mobile application. With ZUUL, you are in control of the distance you keep at all times.

Simple. Safe. Secure. To learn more about the benefits of this contact-free access system, visit ZUUL Systems.

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