Your Community Gate Guard’s Biggest Fear

The men and women who guard a neighborhood gate are known to be brave… really brave. They are the gatekeepers to our communities, ensuring residents and approved guests stay in and intruders stay out. Like most other humans though, they do have fears that could impact their job performance. This idea might beg the question: what is my community gate guard’s biggest fear?

When it comes to safeguarding a neighborhood, many individual factors work together to help the community function properly. Community residents need to be prepped on day-to-day procedures and regulations. Security system technology needs to be routinely updated. Staff members are well prepared to handle a variety of security scenarios. Ideally, all of these facets must perform perfectly to fuel the well-oiled machine that is proper community management.

If even one aspect of the community’s security ecosystem is flawed, the active gate guard will pay the consequences. Now that’s something to fear. One small issue can start a ripple effect that can damage a neighborhood resident, guest, or staff member’s day. For example, a resident may not notify the gate guard that an approved guest is slated to visit during a certain day or time. That guest will show up at the guard gate expecting a smooth, quick entry; however, without standardized vetting, that guest will experience a delayed entry. The guard will have to call the resident host to verify the guest. The guest will need to show identification. Suddenly, a seemingly easy process has turned into a drawn-out mess. Once that guest is approved and passes through the gate, the guard is left with a long line of upset, impatient individuals still waiting to enter the community. This could also include residents, as some gated communities do not provide an exclusive resident lane.

Ultimately, your community gate guard’s biggest fear is he or she not being able to fulfill the needs of residents, guests, and community managers. With so many elements of the neighborhood falling out of their control, gate guards need up-to-date resources and tools built to streamline the neighborhood gatekeeping experience. ZUUL Systems is that necessary tool.

ZUUL Systems is a modern way to deal with the age-old hassle of entering a gated community. The easy-to-use interface enhances existing guest registry and entry systems within a secured neighborhood. Using a simple app, ZUUL residents send approved guests an entry QR code that can be conveniently scanned at the gate. Gate guards will not have to worry about micromanaging guest activity, allowing them to focus on the community security events that matter.

Community managers: don’t wait to eliminate your gate guard’s fears. Allow ZUUL Systems to alleviate those concerns. To learn more, visit ZUUL Systems.

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