Halloween Should Be Spooky, Your Security Gate Technology Should Not

Halloween is coming! And you know what that means. People are stocking up on candy. Buying Halloween costumes for their kids as they change their minds every day about what they want to be. And people start scoping out the best neighborhoods that offer the best Halloween experience. And if you live in one of those neighborhoods where people go ALL OUT, you are probably on the list.

If you have driven past any gated community on Halloween, you have probably noticed the lines starting to creep around the corner.

With Zuul, the lines don’t have to be so spooky, though. We remove the hassle from guard gate access every day, but it feels especially noticeable in high-traffic times like Halloween. Zuul makes it a snap for you to grant guests entry quickly and prevent unwanted guests from entering the neighborhood. If you have a security guard monitoring the gate, they can also easily use the Zuul app through the ease of an iPad to keep things streamlined and moving.

So, with Halloween on the horizon, you can go directly into the app yourself and enter the names of your friends joining you to trick or treat and whatever other fun activities you have planned. Also, if your community is hosting a Halloween party, Zuul makes it simple to grant your vendors access, so they get in swiftly and set up for the festivities.

You have enough to worry about as you convince your kid to wear the Spiderman costume he begged for three months ago and put final touches on the makeshift haunted house to wow your neighbors.

Let Zuul keep unwelcome party ghouls and goblins out without your phone ringing every few minutes to try and get in.

Have a happy and safe Halloween from all of us as Zuul!

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