Phil Lucks

Phil Lucks is resourceful and experienced with an invaluable collection of knowledge. He’s a Vietnam Veteran, a black belt in three different Martial Arts disciplines, and a tactician. Originally from Brooklyn, Phil has called South Florida home since 1974, where he is surrounded by gated communities.

Phil considers himself semi-retired, but when he saw the need to make access to gated communities more efficient, he put his retirement aside and acted. His goal: to make the line to get into these communities move faster without sacrificing safety.

Adam Lucks

Adam “Lucky” Lucks was born and raised in Florida and has been around gated communities all his life. After earning his bachelor’s degree in finance and working 17 years in the industry, Adam has become an expert in risk management and analysis. 

When Adam’s dad Phil expressed frustration with how difficult it was to access gated communities, Adam knew there had to be a solution to the problem. Together they created ZUUL: a tool they believe will alleviate the issues impeding gated community security from reaching its full potential.

Why Zuul


ZUUL offers easy access to the residents and approved guests of gated communities. It’s the only system available that’s designed for the community as a whole, not just for individual residents. This means residents get all the convenience and ease of access they need, while communities are able to monitor what’s going on to keep everyone within the gates safe.


There are over 10 gated communities within a two-mile radius where we reside. The residents, vendors, and guests interact with each other regularly. ZUUL is designed to mimic that culture by creating a common system for everyone to utilize, yet still maintain their respective community’s privacy.


We offer an inclusive package which can monitor all Residents and Guests gate entry activity, as well as significantly reduce lengthy wait times at the gate.