Your Teen Threw a House Party While You Were Away. How Should You Respond?

You’re all set for your trip, passport, and luggage in tow. Your flight leaves in a few hours, and you couldn’t be more excited to embark on a well-deserved vacation. This is the trip you have been waiting all year for. Suddenly, thoughts of enjoying a delicious margarita while relaxing on the beach are interrupted by a plaguing worry, “Will the kids be alright while I’m away?”

Ironically enough, your teenage kids have also been waiting all year for you to getaway. They are ready for the ultimate teen movie cliché to take place: an epic house party. This involves red Solo cups, a Spotify playlist blasting the latest hits, and every friend from school who’s willing to show up. They’ve got it all figured out. They’ll alert the guard at the front gate to let anyone in (with Mom or Dad’s forged signature of course). The only possible way this house party could be spoiled would be if somehow, someway, you found out about it.

Before recent developments in modern technology, parents had to go to great lengths to prevent their kids from throwing unwarranted house parties. They used to notify the neighbors and community security, they would threaten their teenagers with grave consequences, or they would even avoid vacationing altogether. Unfortunately, some of these tactics give outsiders an inside look into your personal life, compromising your family’s privacy. That’s no way to live.

After a parent or legal guardian comes home to a filthy house that has clearly been partied in, all hope may seem lost. Your teenager needs to be aware of the fact that boundaries and a sense of trust have been broken. Consequences are inevitable. How do you respond with consequences that work in your favor while also maintaining a realistic expectation of your kids’ future behavior? You need a tool that streamlines guest access to your home. You need ZUUL Systems.

With ZUUL Systems, parents can monitor the activity of each registered household member, including your teenage kids. You can view the household member’s communication with potential guests and the guest passes they give out to invitees. This technology cuts out the middleman of your community security, a.k.a. the guard at your community’s entry gate, and gives you the power you deserve as the leader of your home.

Wait – there’s more! The best part is you’ll be able to enact parental controls on ZUUL Systems. This allows you to restrict a household member’s authority or receive notifications when certain actions are taken by other household members. For example, you can retract passes that are issued by your household members.

ZUUL Systems is easy to install for community members and residents alike! For more information on how to streamline your neighborhood’s community security (or the privacy within your home for that matter), visit ZUUL Systems.

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