Why Residents Love Zuul

People seek out gated communities for the extra level of security they  provide. A guarded entrance offers a deterrent to unwanted visitors and gives residents a little more peace of mind. But when people move into a gated neighborhood they are not always aware of the challenges that sometimes accompany a guarded entrance. While the benefits of having one in place are undeniable, so are the hiccups that can occur.

That’s why Zuul set out to change the process. Our technology helps enhance security while also eliminating some of the frustrations raised by residents in many gated communities. Our user-friendly interface is a breeze to set up and can be accessed through an iPad used by a security guard manning an entrance. It can also be set up an unmanned gates with an easy-to-use keypad. Both options help keep security intact while also giving the community freedom to control their own guest flow. Residents can interact with visitors and plan events directly and easily.

It’s as simple as a resident providing their guest an access code to get into the neighborhood. It can be set up through our app as a one-time visit or a recurring pass. Either way, more control is in the hands of the community without sacrificing a secure entrance.

Zuul also helps to decrease frustrating bottlenecks and traffic jams that can happen at traditional guard gates. Our technology is specifically designed to maintain a more seamless traffic flow, something residents and visitors will both appreciate. All of the monitoring is done in real-time, and you will receive notifications any time anyone in your household distributes a guess pass. No unwanted entries, No surprises.

There’s a reason so many residents are loving the ease and flexibility that Zuul offers. Contact us today to experience it for yourself and help your community stay safe without the roadblocks – literal and figurative.

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