Introducing the Next Generation of Parental Controls

From a mom or dad’s perspective, parental controls activated throughout a home can be a life saver. Children and teenagers have unlimited access to the Internet now more than ever before. Parents are constantly seeking resources to restrict digital access, keeping their kids safe from over exposure to the web and technology in general. Now that’s a lifestyle parents can get on board with. In a world where parental controls have kept television, streaming, and Internet access regulated within a household, how can parents continue to take their power to the next level?

Parents need a tool that can restrict a child’s activity within their gated neighborhood. In fact, add guest invitation restrictions, total activity monitoring, and real-time notifications to that order as well. Parents need ZUUL Systems.

ZUUL Systems, also known as ZUUL, is a modern gatekeeping system designed to help families living within gated communities. This secure system is equipped with integrated technology, including a top-of-the-line scanner and a coordinating mobile application that family members can easily navigate. ZUUL brings about plenty of features family members can enjoy from the comfort of their couch, especially a strong parental control feature. This advanced technology is surely the next generation of parental controls in relation to community gate access.

With ZUUL’s parental controls, mom and dad can monitor the activity of each registered household member on the official ZUUL app. When parental controls are turned on, parents will receive notifications when certain actions are taken by other household members. Parents can view the household member’s ZUUL-related activity with potential guests, including the guest passes they administer to invitees. This technology cuts out the middleman of your community security, a.k.a. the guard at your community’s entry gate, and gives you the power to directly accept or deny your child or teen’s guests. Yes, you read that correctly – you, as the parent, have the power.

Don’t wait to reap the rewards of ZUUL Systems. ZUUL is managed completely by the ZUUL Systems app, and it is available to download through the App Store and the Google Play Store. The ZUUL app interface is user-friendly and only takes a few minutes to set up. Whether you’re a technological wizard or a digital novice, you’ll be able to use ZUUL Systems. The technology gives your household all the tools you need to easily access your community, interact with visitors, host guests without concern for frustration, and monitor household activity thanks to state-of-the-art parental controls.

Parents can’t have eyes on their children or teenagers at all times; however, they can trust ZUUL Systems to extend 24/7 parental control support. For more information on ZUUL’s parental controls feature or the many benefits of ZUUL, please visit our website.

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