Turning Guard Gate Negatives Into Positives

Gated neighborhoods are a highly sought-after luxury among homeowners. However, among all of the peace of mind gained from living behind a security gate, there are some common frustrations voiced from residents. Some of the most frequent negatives are security issues and problems with the guard house. And we get it. At Zuul we hear it all the time. Community managers contact us often to ask about how our system can quell issues just like these. Additionally, many communities don’t even know they have options to ease these hiccups.

But they do and Zuul is an expert at solving them with our proprietary software.

Our software is specifically designed to streamline guest access by giving more control to the residents all though our app. They can create guest passes, one time or recurring, right on their phone. This eliminates unwanted guests gaining access to the community as well as the long lines that can form while waiting for a guard to manage long lines. The residents aren’t the only ones who can reap the benefits of Zuul. If an existing guard house is manned, the guard can use an iPad to access the Zuul system and improve the flow of guest traffic.

Zuul is truly a win win for everyone. Residents get the extra layer of safety that led them to a gated community in the first place, Guard gates – both manned and unmanned – gain a more streamlined entry. Guests do not have to experience long wait times to enter the community. You can have enhanced more effective security without compromising. Call Zuul today to create a safer space all through our app and get your community entrance running even smoother.

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