ZUUL Systems Alleviates Stress for Residential Community Managers

The community managers that oversee the operations of a gated neighborhood typically have a lot to deal with. They may be responsible for managing facilities and vendors, setting annual budgets, supervising community personnel, and looking after the neighborhood’s activity. Residents and staff will come to community managers with all kinds of complaints. More often than not, they’ll receive the brunt of whatever issues occur within the gated community.

If you’re a community manager, know that we at ZUUL Systems understand the stress you’re under. Your goal is to keep the gated neighborhood you manage as safe as possible while maintaining a well-organized community structure. Achieving that goal is often stressful and challenging, especially when you have to balance the dynamic needs of residents, staff members, or board members. It can be overwhelming, but there are tools your gated community can install to make the job easier.

ZUUL Systems is the solution community managers have been waiting for. This technology was created to elevate the lifestyles of those individuals managing, living, and visiting a gated neighborhood. At its core, ZUUL Systems streamlines a gated community’s access system; however, it possesses countless benefits community managers will be eager to take advantage of.

ZUUL Systems facilitates no-contact entry to a gated community through its secure neighborhood access system. This completely digital platform allows users entry and exit into a gated community without the need for physical contact with gate guards, unfamiliar security personnel, and frequently touched objects. Additionally, ZUUL is partnered with Traffic Logix, the global leader in traffic calming solutions. This partnership can help track traffic violations within a gated neighborhood. Community managers can keep a close eye on community activity and potential disruptions that may occur using ZUUL’s integrated technology. Best of all, ZUUL’s operating system is simple and easy-to-use. Community managers will not have to spend much time training gate guards or staff members on how to use the technology. Its seamless database and straightforward functionality will provide community managers peace of mind from start to finish.

The ZUUL Systems implementation process is as easy as can be. The innovative technology is managed completely by the technology’s app integration. Community residents and guests will download the ZUUL Systems app from the App Store or the Google Play Store. They will have access to all the tools they need to access a gated neighborhood, manage household activity, and plan future guest visits. Community managers and gate guards can download the ZUUL Guard app from the App Store or the Google Play Store. This application allows neighborhood personnel to use advanced features, including the ability to enable a tablet to be turned into a scanner for pass verification and the ability to enable the guard to communicate with residents via a phone call or a text message. If a gate guard is not employed, ZUUL will provide participating gated communities with a stationary pass scanner.

We at ZUUL Systems are ready to discuss all of your community’s needs with you. Community managers can rest assured we provide technology equipped to properly serve your gated neighborhood. Contact us to learn why ZUUL Systems is the solution your community has been longing for.

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