Welcome Guests Back to Your Home the Right Way

It’s time to welcome your loved ones back to your home. After months of staying home, hosting a small gathering at your residence may be the best way to enjoy quality time with family members and close friends. Although you’re ready to receive guests with open arms, your visitors may have reservations about venturing out.

ZUUL Systems provides approved guests with the safety and comfort they need to return to your gated community. The gatekeeping system’s app was designed to streamline all entry and exit activity at any residential community gate. ZUUL Systems technology facilitates no-contact entry while passing through the entrance of a gated community; that way, your guests can relax en route to your home. Plus, your family members and friends can enjoy several benefits uniquely provided by ZUUL Systems.

What is a no-contact entry?

ZUUL Systems offers no-contact entry to a gated community through its safe neighborhood access system. This completely digital platform allows approved visitors entry and exit into a gated neighborhood without the need for physical contact with strange gate guards, unfamiliar security personnel, and frequently touched objects.

Entering a gated community has never been safer or easier. Approved guests will use this no-touch system to filter in and out of the community, avoiding the need to touch a potentially contaminated call box, keypad, or identification card. All users need to complete a safe, streamlined entry would be a personal mobile device. For guests to enter, residents of a gated community will send a private QR code to an approved visitor via the ZUUL Systems app. This QR code will allow the visitor to easily enter and pass the security perimeter. As your guest approaches the neighborhood entry gate, they will extend their mobile device to a ZUUL Systems scanner to enter. They’ll watch that gate open in no time.

What are the other benefits of using ZUUL Systems?

More benefits? You bet. Thanks to ZUUL Systems, your guests can take advantage of numerous key benefits. They will receive single-use or recurring passes that can be issued quickly. Therefore, guests will not have to wait on gate guards or hosts to distribute access passes while at the front gate. Residents will be able to track guest activity with the help of real-time notifications and a completed pass archive. If your guest scans an active pass, you will be able to see which guest, at what time, has entered the community. ZUUL Systems takes the guesswork out of a previously complicated entry process. The community’s guest lane keeps guest activity streamlined. With two separate lanes for guests and residents, guests can easily return to your home without unnecessary traffic. Finally, each single-use pass deactivates after one use. A pass is deactivated as soon as it is scanned to ensure no duplicated unauthorized entry.

ZUUL Systems is managed completely by the ZUUL Systems app. The ZUUL Systems app is available to download through the App Store and the Google Play Store, and it only takes a few minutes to set up. Give your guests the gift of safe, comfortable entry to your community the next time they schedule a visit. All the tools they need to access your neighborhood live within the ZUUL Systems app. Whether they prefer a contact-free entry or a streamlined user experience, your guests will be more than ready to arrive at your doorstep with the help of ZUUL Systems.

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