By Adam on Tuesday October 16, 2018

ZUUL makes accessing gated communities easier for guests and service providers.
Have you ever been invited to a party, and the entry gate was completely backed up? The experience can be complicated, time-consuming, and just plain unwelcoming.
Have you ever needed to access a community in order to reach a client’s home? Imagine being late to an appointment because of a long wait at the security gate.
ZUUL eliminates any annoying wait time you experience when visiting a gated community. It only takes seconds to get through security.

With ZUUL, guests don’t need to worry about:

  • Long entry lines at the gate
  • Frustration and hassle for manual verification
  • Resetting or adding information when visiting a friend on a regular basis

Best of all, ZUUL is easy to install and easy to use.

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Our support Hotline is available 24 Hours a day: 561-501-3503

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